Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chemistry and Psychology

I arrived promptly to General Chemistry at 11:00am to find for the 3rd time in a row that the seat that I sat in last time had been taken by someone else. It really does get on my nerves when someone else happens to not sit in the same place they did last time (I do it, why can't they). So the entire hour and a half I had to sit about an inch away from another person on my left and my right (generally I sit on the end, so I can have space). As I was sitting there in my confined bubble, I was lectured about the periodic table, cations, anions, how to form ionic and molecular compounds. The rules and laws behind forming ionic and molecular compounds, and the nomenclature of ionic and molecular compounds. It was a fairly interesting class. I remembered a lot of it from high school chemistry. We were only assessed twice in class, with our iclickers. I can't remember both questions off the top of my head, but the second had to do whether or not Chloride was a ionic compound. I was very annoyed during the ionic nomenclature exercises that the girl sitting next to me would think about each exercise orally. I wanted to lean over to her and say, "shut up!" but I didn't, I walked out of class maybe a minute early as I was walking and other people were still seated. I made my way to the Nursing building where my Psychology class is lectured every Tuesday and Thursday. I'm trying to figure out the fastest way to get there, I don't think I've found the fastest way to get there, but I am still experimenting different paths, and either to walk around the front of a building or the back. I found to my pleasure that in this particular hall that the seat I had last time was open, therefore, I took the seat. It's not on the end, because these seats have more space than the ones in the chemistry lecture, so I sit kinda in the middle. The class has enough open seats where I had one open on my left, and one open to my right. In class we were lectured on the different methods for brain scanning. With the different instruments such as a CT scan, and MRI, an fMRI, and a couple of others. Professor Jakubow continued the lecture of neurons and sensory neurons. We discussed some of the brains anatomy relative to each of their phychological outputs. We were assesed twice like in chemistry with our iclickers, one of the questions I remember vividly was the question of whether or not someone can go blind if knocked in the head, but with no damage to the eyes. The answer is yes. You can go blind becuase you can damage your occipital lobe. We also watched a short video at the end of class about a cure for epilepsy, with it's after affects being that of not being able for your brain to communicate between different hemispheres, as you need the left hemisphere to control the right side of your body, and the right to control the right side of your body. There are some discrepencies in the theory as well, with the right side being able to refrence a face and such. But it was a documentary on a man that has two brains becuase the one that he had was seperated, and each functions seperately without any communication to the other like ours. After the video class was over and I headed back to the dorms.

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