Monday, September 8, 2008

English, Math Lab, Math Lecture, and Chem Lab

Mondays are probably the most demanding days of the week for me. I am able to put up with all the work that these classes give, it just seems like I go to school all day long. I woke up earlier today, thanks to my roommate. I just kinda laid in bed thinking about how the day will go on, is it going to be a good day, or a bad one, I asked myself. I was kinda reluctant wanting to go to English at 8 in the morning though, never was easy for me to wake up with the sun in the morning, and go to class. I went to class, however. It was not as bad as I thought it could have been. It was a fairly boring class though, he lectured us what we did wrong on our essays and the common mistakes and corrections for college-level writing. I was not particularly enthused to get back my essay and have a page-long note on the back telling me what I was doing wrong, but it's okay. I did get a compliment on my essay by my teacher, and the person that I was peer revising with. Other than the complete waste of time given by our teacher 30 minutes combined to work with our partner to go over our essays. The class was pretty instructional. I left the arts and letters building and headed back to the dorms. I had a 1 hour break between classes. Then, I went to my math lab. I was so glad that our lab leader let us hand in our worksheets during class because I spent almost an hour on them in the library. I actually worked. I was brave enough to show an example of synthetic division of polynomials to the class. I went a little more into detail than what the question asked. I started to factor the polynomial and go all the way. All that was required though was to divide it. The lab worksheets this time look a little more challenging, but I suppose they always will until you've actually learned the material from the book. From the lab, we have to make a cross-campus hike to the lecture. I stopped inside Einstein's and got a chocolate milk, that was actually pretty tasty. My friend Janelle and I walked to the lecture together. The lecture was a repeat of what we did on Friday, I was pissed! I hate having repeat classes. What's the point, and I'm paying $300+ for repeat classes?? I had a couple hour break after the math class was over. Then, I had to go to the chemistry lab. The longest class that I have is 4 hours. It happens to be the chemistry lab. The first hour is a BONDing lab, where you do some worksheets on stuff you're learning in class, it's supposedly suppose to help you with the class. After bonding, we started the fun part. I found out about 15 minutes before the lab that we were supposed to do a safety quiz, I had to scribble down some answers for about 20 short answer questions, though, it was not that bad. I loved doing the actual lab, my numbers were pretty acurate to what they were supposed to be. We were finding out which element we were given using mass and volume to find the density, and then to match the density to that of what is in a table of elements. I had aluminum. I had guessed I had aluminum based on the physical properties of it. I was the second one finished with the lab around 4:30pm. I turned that in, and got out of there as fast as I could. I went back to my dorm room, and went to dinner around 6.

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